Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Contest, Book 47, Etc.

This past Sunday was the first Sunday of Advent and my favorite Sunday of the year ;). As an apology for my extended blogcation I'd planned to post an Advent contest but never quite made it there. I missed the first Sunday of Advent and know that not everyone celebrates Advent. So I thought we'd make it a Christmas contest. (I know--not everyone celebrates Christmas either, but most people seem to know it's a holiday). So leave a comment on this post, follow me, blog it, fb it, tweet it, buzz it. Do what you gotta, just know you will get 1 entry for leaving me a comment and 1 entry for each social network you choose to post me on every day you choose to do it and 2 entries for following me. (Please provide links to electronic shout-outs). What will you win? Any book you want (under $25 Come on. I'm a writer). You choose it. I buy it and mail it. (Two for the first place winner and one for the second name random.org chooses). Contest is opened internationally. Contest ends midnight EST on Christmas Eve. (I will be in Florida).

Now for a quickie review of P-52's 47th book Ghost Town the latest Morganville Vampire book.  It didn't catch my attention quite as well as they usually do. In fact, I was about 77 pages in before I was completely hooked. This is probably because these books usually end on a cliff hanger and I read the last one in the spring so whatever the cliffhanger was I don't recall and could also be partly because the book before this kind of felt like a filler to me.

Once it got started it was pretty good though. It kept me reading. Things with the confusion, allicance shifts, memory loss, and machine seemed to feel too familiar though. It's starting to get repetitive.

Now for Etc. What did I do on my blogcation? Not much of the editing I was supposed to! I think I kind of had some sort of a mental breakdown instead. Haha. No worries. I'm back to my usual bouncy self now. The editing will continue with the blogging and I'll be back to commenting this week too. So look for me to make my rounds. I'm out of my cave!!! Hear me roar. (Okay, that was just quirky, but I've been out of this for a while what do you exepct)?


  1. Love this contest! OK, already a follower but have tweeted and posted to my Facebook page - links below. :)

  2. Super thanks to both of you for the shout out love. I just realized I didn't post the "end date." Contest ends at midnight on Christmas Eve (eastern time). I've edited the post to reflect that. Thanks again guys!

  3. I'll be out of the country around Xmas, so can't do the contest, but... I am following your blog now! If you want to check out mine, I'm at catherinestine.blogspot.com

  4. Hi Beth. Nice to meet you. I love contests. Now I'm following you and I just tweeted about your contest. http://twitter.com/beverlymcclure

    Please enter me. Thanks.

  5. Great giveaway, Beth!! I'm a follower, here's my comment :) And will a side-bar on my blog work? (as soon as I figure out how to do that...) I've got a giveaway going on as well. Please feel free to enter, if you haven't already! :)

  6. Great contest!
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  7. I'm a follower and I tweeted. :)

  8. Three on twitter and Three on buzz one blog seven total MORE WILL FOLLOW :P

  9. Oh and I'm following you but i have been for a while is that still plus 2? cuz that would be nine
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  10. oh and i posted a comment up at the top so either eight or ten :P

  11. I'm hoping to get started on the Mogansville Vampire series soon, I've heard a lot of good things about those books.

    Thanks for the giveaway! I'm following through GFC and Itweeted here - http://twitter.com/#!/peacelovebooksx/status/11602446069538816


  12. Plus two so... ten or 12 hahaha

  13. plus two so twelve or fourteen hahaha

  14. Christmas Eve the perfect time to enjoy a winner! I would love to win!

    You know I'm all about the fun! Sign me up!

    Tweeting now! Posting next week :)

  15. Heehee Plus two same reasons so 14 or 16

  16. I have crazy affairs with books all the time! I attempted to read 50 books this year...I've only read 40.

  17. Please enter me in this fantab. contest! Stopped by for blogfest an now am a follower :)
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    I have a couple giveaways and a reading challenge going on. Hope you have the time to stop by and check it out. Oh yeah, some book reviews are crammed in there too :)

    Bitsy Bling Books

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  25. oh gosh, have fun in Florida!! a friend of mine is going down there for winter break too, im totally jealous! please enter me for your contest :)
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  26. I hope it;s not too late to enter the contest :)

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