Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Need Book 16

Need is about a teen ager whose just lost her "father" (step-dad) and been sent to live with her grandmother only to learn her biological father is a stalking pixie out ot get her.  This was Carrie Jones' debut novel and I have to say it's about what you would expect for a novice.  It's not bad.  There are some really good twists and turns and I think, some interesting takes on average paranormal lore. 

That being said, the writing style bothered me.  The whole book is present tense, which I know is becoming a trend, but it still bothered me.  It wasn't just that the novel is written present tense, it's really "teeney" if that makes sense.  I get that I'm an adult with an English degree who reads teen age fiction and for that reason some of my chosen few could seem overtly juvenile, but the truth is the good ones usually don't.  The teen talk issues I had with Evermore, I have with Need, except that in Need it really isn't even teen talk.  It's just overly simplistic.

All in all, it's not a waste of time.  If you're into paranormal romances or just interested check it out.   There is enough going on to keep your interest.  When I put it down, I thought how can you love and hate something at the same time, because the story is really good, the writing style just bothered me.  I'd give it a two or three star rating, but not more.  It is the first novel in a series.  I haven't decided if I'll readed the sequel.  It'll probably depend on the density of my TBR list.

Fallen Book 15

Lauren Kate's Fallen  makes a nice addition to the YA supernatural romance genre.  It was slow in the beginning, but well developed with well rounded characters.  I enjoyed it.  It was similar to Hush-Hush, but the title actually related to the book, the characters were more realistic and I liked that the author put more thought itno the mysticism behind the supernatural characters rather than just mentioning it. 

In honesty, I bought this book on the recommendation of a book club.  I thought it would be just another piece of commercial junk, but it was a worthwhile read.  I had no idea what the paranormal element might be, but I figured it out fairly early on.  (The title is a big hint, duh). But what I really enjoyed about it was all the good versus evil.  At the risk of a plot spoiler, the hero is a fallen angel and the last fallen angel book I read was good, but at the end I was lost as to the point.  I felt that I had read a good story and it mattered for absolutely nothing because it was rather themeless.  I didn't have that frustration at the end of Fallen, which is going to be a trilogy and I'm looking forward to Torment arriving this fall. Because while I hate it when authors make series out of something that really doesn't need to be a series, there are some plenty of questions left unanswered for a sequel in this case.

I recommend this book ;).

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lament Book 14

What happens to cloverhands who can't control the fey?  It appears that Deirdre Monaghan is about to find out firsthand. Or will she?

In Stiefvater's brilliant tale Lament, Deirdre, a high school girl/ musical prodigy finds out she has some extraordinary gifts other than music and struggles to accept this, not to mention deals with the consequences such "gifts" bare.  She is helped along the way by Luke Dillon.  Luke has a past out of his control that he struggles to overcome as he helps Deirdre accept what her gift does or does not mean.

The plot is exciting and the characters well developed.  It's a story of first love, finding yourself and overcoming hardships.  It was also Stiefvater's debut novel.  It reads extremely well for a debut novel, but to a person who has previously read Shiver, I think it's obvious that it's a debut work.  While the story is more than intriguing and the reader is compelled to go on, the poetic prose of subsequent works doesn't thrive here.  It's still a good read, just not what I expected from the author of Shiver!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Random Ranting: Frustrated

I am so unbelievably frustrated today.  I've made all the edits to Redemption more than once now and no matter how many times I save these changes continue not to save! Aaarg!  This day job really cuts into my writing time and the situation feels hopeless.  I've never even had a short story published which I'm told means querry letters will be a fruitless nightmare.  Still, I keep trying. 

--Doomed to despair.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

hush, hush Book 12

Becca Fitzpatric debuts with Hush, Hush, a beautifully written, action packed teen paranormal romance. 

All in all, I have to say I enjoyed it.  It's definitely a page turner--but there's almost too much action.  Things just spiral out of control and while your questions get answered in due time there is so much going on that it would be better to pick a few sub-plots and fully explain them than jam pack everything.  All the same, it held my attention.

Norma Gray is a high school girl who due to a new seating arrangement finds herself biology partners with a new guy, Patch.  Patch is dark and mysterious and seems to be hiding something big--and well it is big.  He's a fallen angel.  Norma lingers between being afraid of Patch and being attracted to him.  Although, we feel the attraction almost immediately.  But Patch is not a nice guy! He's rude to her and seems to be stalking her.  Not to mention the way he flirts is often times inappropriate, and he has secrets that go far beyond merely being a fallen angel.  I didn't like the guy.  Norma's parter in crime/best friend helps her investigate Patch.  Norma and Vee, the best friend, spend a lot of time together so we get to see Vee way too often.  She's annoying.  I don't think she's a very good friend and I didn't really find her actions all that believable.

For a debut novel this would great.  As a debut piece I give it a four star rating, if it weren't a debut work I would give it a three star rating, because some of the characters really bothered me.  But more than that, there is a a brief statement about how people change and I guess that's the theme?  Because honestly at the end I found no theme, and no meaning.