Monday, September 27, 2010

Skinny Book 34

Ibi Kaslik's Skinny is an insightful look at anorexia, a problem that plagues many young people. It's gritty in it's life like view of the disorder.

I found the alternating narrators refreshing. One was the fourteen year old, 8th grader Holley and the other was the Med student older sister Giselle or G. I liked having a young adult in young adult literature for as far as I know the first time ever. The alternating narrators really showed a lot about the eating disorder though, for instance how it affects family members. It also gives us an opportunity to get away from G, the anorexic and remember she is choosing not to eat. Even during the times she thinks she cant control it. The two narrators also had more distinct voices than what has passed for separate voices recently in the world of YA

There is a subplot of a dysfunctional family and parents with dirty secrets. It's another real world look at life. The whole thing is written beautifully well. There is one scene that I think is inappropriate for YA, but more than that I just didnt understand why it was there. It didn't add anything to the story, so in my opinion it should have been cut.

Would I recommend this book? Well, that depends. If you like artistic books about issues, it's intriguing and really well written. If you're looking for a page turner, look elsewhere.

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  1. Hmm, I'm definitely a page turner kind of girl, so I think I'll leave this one for others, however I do appreciate the review!!