Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday & Writing: The Fate of the Paranormal Romance in the Market Place

It’s been a few weeks but for a while, it seemed that every time you went online you couldn’t help but see some new article or blog post about how saturated the market place is with paranormal romance right now. There were posts advising writers how to overcome the certain doom their YA paranormal romance would face. There were posts stating there was no way to overcome the certain doom a paranormal romance ms would face. For those of us who write paranormal romance it was demoralizing.

I must admit I let all this get to me for a day or two. Phantom Fires is a paranormal romance. There isn’t much of another way to sell it, urban fantasy maybe, but then it’s an urban fantasy/romance. I spent four months writing it and so for another two revising it and I’m not done. The thought that someone might scan the words paranormal romance and toss it without reading sent heartbreaking shakes through my body.

But then I thought about it. Ann Rice sold paranormal romances long before Edward Cullen was dreamed up somewhere in the dessert. LJ Smith has pretty much made her living off of paranormal romances. I think these posts are right that there are probably some trend followers out there writing paranormal romance right now. The market is inundated. But for those of who love paranormal romance and write what we love this isn’t a problem. At the end of the day a good book is still a good book. If the paranormal romance wave is a trend (and I hope not), it will come back. In the meantime, while high fantasies, or sci-fis might consume the market place for a while, there will still be some nerdy little girl curled up on her bed drooling over the latest vampire book. She deserves a good book—the best story we can offer. In the midst of Twilight mania, it might be harder to get our paranormal romances noticed. But either way, the paranormal romance isn’t off to a certain doom. Our genre will still be here tomorrow. Maybe with less fans, but those remaining will be dedicated ;).


  1. I sure hope you're right! Paranormal romance is what rekindled my love of reading. I'd hate to think they'd become few & far between in the years to come.

  2. you have to write what you love and not worry about trends. ann rice wrote for how many years about vampires? it being a trend at the time or not. its good to stick with what you know.