Friday, October 15, 2010

5 things....

1. A desperate plea--if you haven't already done so and you want to be my bff pls go to vote for Phantom Fires. I have been pushed out of the top ten :(.
2. Reminder the contest is still open till midnight CST today. The prize is a hardback set of The Hunger Games with a runner up receiving Kiss of Death.
3. Lots of book events going on in A-town this weekend so I'm one incredibly busy with blogger...and since I just left the day job at the moment, one incredibly busy blogger w/ bad hair.
4. If you're still reading (which after that last comment u prolly are not, but if you are) there are Halloween treats to come so check me regularly ;). In fact, those of who have entered a previous contest on P-52 will especially love the Halloween Goody Contest I will be bringing you shortly.
5. If  #4 is going to matter, I must get to my book event.


1 comment:

  1. I just voted for Phantom Fires! I can't remember if I had voted before, but now you've got another one on your hands!!! :)

    AHH! I'm so excited!! I'm hoping I did enough random brownie points to have a win :) I did tweet about you once more last night!!!

    Blogger w/bad hair... at least you have your pants on (you do have your pants on right?)

    I love Halloween!!! What special things are coming our way? I know I'm excited!!!

    Look forward to stopping by tomorrow!!!! Have a fab time!