Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday & Writing: What Writing Looks Like

Usually when I write it looks like me typing away on the pearly pink keys of my mini. This week writing has looked like a lot of things including but not limited to the following:

And like:
me: "I'm a scalar. Ask me what a scalar is."
Jennifer: "What's a scalar?"
me: "An object with mass but no direction. I'm a scalar, lots of mass but not much direction."
Jennifer: "It sounds like a dinosaur or some kind of reptile."

...which led to a whole lot of talk that my husband had to get involved in about scalars versus objects at rest. If a scalar were an object at rest, I would not be a scalar but since the house scientist says it's not I can still be a scalar.

Which led to my attempting to understand a scalar.
Jennifer: "If a car is going 70 mph down the highway and hits a brickwall"
me: "the driver dies?"
Jennifer: "Yes, but the speed is a scalar."

But I think I enjoy it when writing looks like this. I even think Emil's enjoying writing looking like this. And I'm starting to get attached to my new manuscript for the first time. So what  weird forms has writing taken for you?


  1. I'm not so sure about weird forms writing has taken. Off the wall conversation that I never thought in my lifetime I would have...yes yes and yes.

    It is about time you are falling in love with this ms. I think I fell in love with it from the 3rd or 4th page--even if it does include physics.

    Until the next physics lesson....enjoy writing!!

  2. Are these pictures from my desk? They look very familiar. My writing is soooo messy. Thank goodness for the computer; it makes whips my mess into something readable.