Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dear John Book 9

The latest read on the P-52 list was Nicholas Spark's Dear John.   The book had a powerful ending.  It was a theme driven book and even then the artsy type.  There is one good scene around page 170--more nothingness--then a heart wrenching ending.  The problem is making it through the first 200 + pages to get to the good part.  If you're dedicated enough to do this, you'll find it a worthy use of time, otherwise you'll burn it for firewood.

I had great expectations for this book because of Spark's notoriety.  This was my first Sparks feat though I enjoyed the film adaptation of The Notebook immensely.  Truth be told, I needed to read this book and made it a P-52 book, because I'm reviewing it for a pop culture magazine, in light of the recently released motion picture.  I won't be seeing the movie as I don't see how you turn a mere 335 pages into a movie AND I really don't think I could sit through it a second time--not just because it's a tear jerker--I saw Titanic 13 times--but because it was that dull. 

I'm aware this wasn't as in depth as usual, but that's because I'll be posting a link to the mag article on Monday, when it's published and I'd love you all to read it--look forward to it, even!

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