Saturday, February 27, 2010

Monthly Book Spree

The first Saturday of the month is my day to hit Barnes and Noble, pick up my new feigns and usually celebrate the occasion with cheesecake and a mocha, although today that had to be a peppermint mocha and coffee cake because cheesecake and I are a strictly forbidden pair until Easter (the end of Lent).

Today's books: The Secret Year, The Iron King, Hush, Hush, Lament, and Fallen.  I've ordered Hunger Games and Like Water for Chocolate from the library.  By the time I finish my buys, I'm sure they will be available.

Uncle Tom's Cabin was meant to be the next P-52 book, but it is proving to be less than a "fun" read and as I'm having to force myself to continue while I've committed to reviewing it, I'm sure a few more will pop up, before I reached the end.  I'm less than 1/5 way through Uncle Tom's Cabin, but 1/2 way through Glass Houses, which I actually started later but expect to review sooner!

Anyhow toodles!

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