Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Well, I guess I'm making progress with the project 52 assignment.  I had read four books (Her Fearful Symmetry, Beautiful Creatures, Wicked Lovely, and Pride and Prejudice) before I started leaving reviews, and I've read 3 since. Seven down and forty-five to go.

I'm learning! Her Fearful Symmetry taught me work should be revised before published! (Go figure). Wicked Lovely taught me that a compelling story absent solid characters doesn't matter.  Also, I learned that the point of view you choose to use really makes a difference in building characters.

Yeigh! The blog is making progress too.  Emil did something so he can see who comes to my blog and I did get some random visitors!  The writing situation is improving.  The adult web site offered me a review job (again). LOL.  I still won't be doing that.  But I'm learning a lot about writing for an online medium from the blogging.  I've found some much better blogs to follow. (It's kind of sad all this upper level education and the high school kids are out-reading me and out-writing me).

The first 20 chapters of my manuscript have been edited, so have the last four.  That means only the six chapters in Rome, which have to be rewritten are left. I'm sending out query letters at the end of the month.  I would be doing it sooner, but we're going to Arkansas over Valentines weekend and I want to go pray for success at Bell-Gable.  That place is magical.

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