Sunday, February 28, 2010

Glass Houses Book 11

On page 1, I had such high hopes for Rachel Caine's Glass Houses (book 1 of The Morganville Vampires Series).  It's about a nerdy girl who starts college two years early.  I'm a nerdy girl who started college 1.5 years early and could totally relate to being hazed in the the dorms!  It's also set in Texas, so the flip-flops and tacos seemed oh-so realistic to me, but page 1 turned into page 5, page 25, page 55, page 75 and then somewhere around page 95 this book finally started moving.  Wow. I don't have time to read half of a mediocre book, to finally start moving.

There are a few problems with this book.  First of all it really is half way through the book before it starts going anywhere at all.  The whole town is ran by vampires and Claire, our nerdy girl, learns this pretty early on.  It just doesn't seem realistic.  I'm not trying to be a buzz kill, I get the willingness to suspend disbelief and believe me I love vamps to the point my husband is jealous of Edward Cullen, but come on a whole town being ran by a vamp regime that imposes a blood tax is a bit too far fetched even for me!  There is no romance which is alright, except for the blurb on the inside front cover says throwout Twilight and replace it with these (no self respecting teen age girl, or ya romance fan would ever) and the fact that vampires are really associated with dangerous forbidden love.  Even evil ole Count Dracula lured innocent women into the castle with his charm to betray them by draining them, come on!

The bigger problem is most of the book I was bored.  It did start going somewhere in the second half but I found myself wishing it would be over many times before 3/4 of it had passes and it finally got really good.  I read my way to the end.  And there was quite a bit of suspense in the end; I'm not sure it was enough to make up for the first 3/4, but hey--it got better.  The first book ends with a cliff hanger.  The second book is published in the same edition (and I'm not lamenting this because the book cost what a single edition would have anyhow) but that was pretty much a given that the characters all survived and the world wasn't going to end.  That being said I went ahead and read the first page of The Dead Girls Dance just to make sure.  So I have book two.  At the end of the month when I've read my monthly budget am bored and broke I will most likely read The Dead Girls Dance, but not as long as I have better reading material laying around.

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