Wednesday, July 7, 2010

In Which I Needlessly Chatter

Thank you for visiting my needless chatter session. You see I wrote some pages that were kind of blah. I thought I might cut them out later, but hey, they were there for now. I continued writing until I got the crux of it all--the dramatic final scene--no, I am not that close to finished. I'm just writing out of order because my poor re-fried brain can no longer think in a straight line.

So I open the document to finish said dramatic final scene. I re-read the last line to get myself in the mode and what do I realize? It sucks. Not just the last line the whole scene--and you know what this is what the whole book works towards so if the scene sucks that pretty much means the whole book sucks. I hate myself and I want to die!!!!

But not really though! I will finish said mediocre book. Then i will press DELETE! !!!!! I will start over keeping only the characters name and one day ten years from now I might have something worth reading! Ahhhh! but as my finger tips fly speedily over these keys, as i rant my self-hatred I already feel better. SO maybe, I can suck it up and write a better last scene and redeem the book.

*breathes in* *Breathes out* I'm closing my eyes and listening to Stephy chant "angel arms, angel arms" in my head. My crazy college roommate and the meditation exercises necessary for a peaceful co-existence follow. Thanks for the angel arms Stephy. I'm okay now.


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