Friday, July 23, 2010

Linger Book 27

Hush, hush winners announced today, but not till the end! Sorry.

Stiefvater wows us again! I've seen a lot of reviews that say it was better than Shiver. It was not! But it was as good and interesting in a completely different way, the writing still lyrical.

This time around Isabel (Jack's sister) plays a more prominent role, and she is a very interesting character, not the "all" benevolent type you usually see in YA. But she's not a bad person either. She's just confident and gutsy. She and Cole (a new wolf with demons to battle) make a really nice contrast to Grace and Sam.

In Linger Grace finds herself deathly ill. She's fighting for her life and her parents forbid her from seeing Sam, so they're fighting to be together as well. I loved this book, but I found her parents over-reaction to Sam a bit hard to fathom as her father left her in the car to cook as a young child, and her parents had no interest in her life at all in the first book. The fact that they're still completely clueless about their daughter while hating her boyfriend makes it a bit more real, but it just seemed uncharacteristic.

Now for the other news, maglove  is the winner of hush, hush. She was unable to post her links here due to some technical problems P-52 had this week, but she sent them to me on Goodreads. Maglove please email your physical address within one week to

With the struggled Grace and Sam must deal with, combined with the new story developing between Isabel and Cole, it's a very compelling book. And it's Stiefvater, so it's beautiful.

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  1. I like Shiver but it wasn't like GREAT for me. With Linger ... Oh My GOD! I Love the book I was reading until 4am.