Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Technical Issues Resolved/Book Lists

So I find myself posting twice today, because I'm blocked. I'm down to two or three scenes of gaps to fill in and then I can start stringing together the scenes I've written at random to make a complete draft. Though, I did some reading yesterday and found I have about a billion inconsistancies and repitition to take care of, because I started writing at random.

I cannot force the two scenes out of my head. It's driving me crazy, making me a nervous wreck. I'm doing what any sane person would, avoiding it.

I'm aware there were some technical issues recently that prevented people from commenting on my blog. They have been resolved. If you would like to comment please do. Since you can comment now, you can also enter the contest, sorry for any inconvenience yesterday.

And as promised a book list of books I've covered on this blog:
Beautiful Creatures
The Queen and I
Morganville Vampires
The Secret Circle
The Vampire Diaries
The Secret Year (I found this book grossly inappropirate for a YA audience and will not be considering other books by this author).
Hush, Hush
The Host
The Iron King
The Hunger Games
indie girl
Eyes Like Stars
Dear John
Princess of the Midnight Ball
Wicked Lovely

Please do not recommend other books in a series of which one has been reviwed. I have already purchased Sea Changed and Donut Days, so you can avoid these as well.

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