Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fallen Book 15

Lauren Kate's Fallen  makes a nice addition to the YA supernatural romance genre.  It was slow in the beginning, but well developed with well rounded characters.  I enjoyed it.  It was similar to Hush-Hush, but the title actually related to the book, the characters were more realistic and I liked that the author put more thought itno the mysticism behind the supernatural characters rather than just mentioning it. 

In honesty, I bought this book on the recommendation of a book club.  I thought it would be just another piece of commercial junk, but it was a worthwhile read.  I had no idea what the paranormal element might be, but I figured it out fairly early on.  (The title is a big hint, duh). But what I really enjoyed about it was all the good versus evil.  At the risk of a plot spoiler, the hero is a fallen angel and the last fallen angel book I read was good, but at the end I was lost as to the point.  I felt that I had read a good story and it mattered for absolutely nothing because it was rather themeless.  I didn't have that frustration at the end of Fallen, which is going to be a trilogy and I'm looking forward to Torment arriving this fall. Because while I hate it when authors make series out of something that really doesn't need to be a series, there are some plenty of questions left unanswered for a sequel in this case.

I recommend this book ;).

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