Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lament Book 14

What happens to cloverhands who can't control the fey?  It appears that Deirdre Monaghan is about to find out firsthand. Or will she?

In Stiefvater's brilliant tale Lament, Deirdre, a high school girl/ musical prodigy finds out she has some extraordinary gifts other than music and struggles to accept this, not to mention deals with the consequences such "gifts" bare.  She is helped along the way by Luke Dillon.  Luke has a past out of his control that he struggles to overcome as he helps Deirdre accept what her gift does or does not mean.

The plot is exciting and the characters well developed.  It's a story of first love, finding yourself and overcoming hardships.  It was also Stiefvater's debut novel.  It reads extremely well for a debut novel, but to a person who has previously read Shiver, I think it's obvious that it's a debut work.  While the story is more than intriguing and the reader is compelled to go on, the poetic prose of subsequent works doesn't thrive here.  It's still a good read, just not what I expected from the author of Shiver!

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