Sunday, March 28, 2010

Total Randomness And An Apology to Readers

Let's start with the apology.  I promised a review on Uncle Tom's Cabin and it just isn't going to happen.  I made it 2/3 through the book, but I'm not going to be able to finish this one.  I appreciate the importance of this book, historically and culturally but it's just not my thing. I apologize for any disappointment.

Now total randomness. My whole body is sore and I'm unbelievably tired.  I'm trying to keep myself awake until a reasonable hour so that I sleep through the night.  My husband is snoring on the couch behind me and assuming he ever gets up and refills the ink cartridge I'm going to start working on sending a short story to some magazine, in hopes of obtaining a credit line to put in my query letter for my manuscript.  I've about 1/3 way through a second unrelated manuscript which has less important subject matter but reads better.  Unfortunately I don't seem to be able to write today, nor read which I should probably get back to so I can post book 17 soon.


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