Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Need Book 16

Need is about a teen ager whose just lost her "father" (step-dad) and been sent to live with her grandmother only to learn her biological father is a stalking pixie out ot get her.  This was Carrie Jones' debut novel and I have to say it's about what you would expect for a novice.  It's not bad.  There are some really good twists and turns and I think, some interesting takes on average paranormal lore. 

That being said, the writing style bothered me.  The whole book is present tense, which I know is becoming a trend, but it still bothered me.  It wasn't just that the novel is written present tense, it's really "teeney" if that makes sense.  I get that I'm an adult with an English degree who reads teen age fiction and for that reason some of my chosen few could seem overtly juvenile, but the truth is the good ones usually don't.  The teen talk issues I had with Evermore, I have with Need, except that in Need it really isn't even teen talk.  It's just overly simplistic.

All in all, it's not a waste of time.  If you're into paranormal romances or just interested check it out.   There is enough going on to keep your interest.  When I put it down, I thought how can you love and hate something at the same time, because the story is really good, the writing style just bothered me.  I'd give it a two or three star rating, but not more.  It is the first novel in a series.  I haven't decided if I'll readed the sequel.  It'll probably depend on the density of my TBR list.

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