Thursday, August 12, 2010

These Seven Things

As advertised, yes, I'm giving away an autographed copy of Linger that the queen of YA, Maggie Stiefvater, herself drew a wolf in. But not till after everything else. Haha! Made you look! I'm feeling kinda quirky today. Can you tell?

1. Me: "Agents are practically begging for realistic YA romances."
    Emil: "Maybe, you should write one."
    Me: "I read paranormal romances. It's what I love. I'm going to write paranormal and if they want to buy it they will, and if they don't they won't."
    Emil: Laughs."That's funny, the way you say it."
    Me: "I just relate to paranormal people better."
    Emil: "You're weird."
What's the point? I seriously don't know, but I thought it was funny.
2. Miranda: "Did you ever clamp butterfly clippies all over your velvet dress?"
    Me: "Yes, in the 9th grade. I got stares and snickers--it's a hard life."
    Miranda: Hahaha. "I thought I remembered that, but I wasn't sure."
The point in this one? You can still vote for my short story Home at death match
until midnight tomorrow.
3. Amy Holder is giving away ARCs of her book The Lipstick Laws and a few $30 Amazon gift cards, to find out details about the contest check out her site. The rules are fairly simple--follow her and fb or tweet it.
4. My posts may be sporadic the next few days, as my currently annoying, normally adoring husband, and I are going to Vegas/AZ/CA tomorrow.
5. I'm hoping to have my current edits done by Sept. 1st.
6. I'm delaying diverging into details about my Linger give away by writing more text primarily to annoy my husband, because he is really annoying me...

 Okay, you want the autographed  and doodled copy of Linger--"Follow me and it'll be alright."  Except for you Emil.
Must be a follower to win. You get one entry for putting a link to the contest on Facebook, 1 entry for twitter, 1 entry for blogging it, 1 entry for putting it on a side bar, 3 entries for putting me on your blog list, and 1 entry for leaving a comment on this post. You may fb/blog/twitter links to this contest multiple times and you will receive one entry for each time, provided you leave a link to your shout outs in the comment section on this post. The entries will be put into a hat and the winner will be drawn after 5:00 pm central/standard time.

And now I go off to pack and head into vacation leaving you with these seven things ;).


  1. Eh!!! Do you ever see me read any of your kiddy books???

    What then makes you think that I'm going to enter a contest to win such an item.

  2. told me to disqualify you....

  3. BTW you ain't famous yet and the flight ain't gonna stop for you and you and I don't make enough to reconfigure this vacation.
    Starting packing sweetheart or you're staying in Austin!!!

  4. I'm Najela and I'm entering. I twittered it, but I can't figure out how to link to it, so I just included my twitter address. I believe that's 2 entries. =) thanks for the giveaway.

  5. Don't enter me as I already have a signed copy.

    I just wanted to tell you to enjoy Vegas; it's a wonderful, crazy, maybe beautiful city.

  6. Hope you enjoy your vacation. I'd love a signed copy of Linger. So expect a few tweets, fb comments, and a blog mention.

  7. I'm following, but not for the contest (I already have LINGER). I thought I was already following. Oh well, I am now. RTed for you.

  8. Hope you have a nice time.

    I'd really like the signed copy of LINGER. It would fit rather nicely with my signed copy of SHIVER.

    I've tweeted. Twitter name @ebyss!/ebysswriter

    I've posted on facebook!/ebysswriter

    So enter me please. :)

  9. OK, so I've posted this on my profile on Facebook!/profile.php?id=100000501442757
    and on my fan page on Facebook!/pages/Keir-Beyond-Redemption/114058821953752
    Do you go and check these? I'm not even sure if I've posted the links right, I'm such a techno-idiot?!

  10. Oh Ebyss. Sigh. I thought this was your blog. I saw your tweet and just went with it. LOL.

  11. I REALLY NEED a signed copy of Linger as I have a signed copy of Shiver. So I WANT!
    I follow you. And I did an RT from Ebyss' Tweet:

    Then a few hours later I tweeted myself:
    Posted on my sidebar:

    candace_redinger at yahoo dot com

  12. I'm 70 out of 76 on the waitlist for this at the library! I need a copy. I'm following your blog.

    I tweeted:

    I shared on Facebook

  13. Okay, lets see, i'm already following your blogs,I added you to my fav. blogs list, and i put your blog four times on google buzz. Oh, and I blogged it. Plus I commented. Nine entries in all. This sounds like a good book, I hope I win ;)