Monday, August 2, 2010

Maggie & Me

Me and Maggie--That's my idol!!!

Maggie Stiefvater was here in Austin at Book People last week as part of her Linger tour and it was absolute blast! Due to a two day stomach "thing" (no idea what it was) and my new found laziness I seem to be the only blogger in all of Austin not to post about it yet. I want to share some info from the Q&A and then bust out some narcissistic pics. (I'm in most of them).

Transcript of Q&A Disclaimer: Totally unauthorized and as accurate as my memory.
Do you believe in happy endings?

"I believe in them like I believe in goats. Goats exist. They're in this world; there are just none in this room right now. So I believe in happy endings. Sometimes they just aren't around and sometimes they are."

Does Isabel like Sam?
Okay, I can't remember the exact words on this one, but it was something like, "Maybe, maybe not." Again not an actual quote.

Will there be another book in the Books of Faerie series?
"Yes. It will be from narrators you already know and it will actually be the rest of Dee's story..." She went on to say that she can't promise when it will be released because it was already supposed to be released once and was delayed.

And I don't remember the question, but perhaps the most exciting news of all--summer of 2012 we will see an new Maggie book, unrelated to either The Wolves of Mercy Falls or Books of Faerie. She assured us it involved blood, beaches, and kissing but wouldn't say anymore. And now for the pics....

The Linger Girls

If you look hard, you can see Maggie reading.

Me & other bloggers


  1. Yeah! We don't usually get people like this in Austin!

  2. The event was so cool. It was great to meet you.