Friday, August 20, 2010


Okay, so my mc Brandi O'Malley really looks a whole lot like my little cousin Brandi Moore. (yeah, yeah, lazy I know). It worked like this. I researched Irish names for a brother and sister and came up with Brandi and Brandon and since I had one of each at easy access I decided just to let the characters look like my brother and cousin. The problem is she's no celeb and trying to find a celebrity look a like hasn't been a cakewalk. I found this pic and I think with the hair and eyes it's as close as I can get. But our faces are just a bit rounder.
My cuz refuses to give me a picture of her from high school. So here you go...

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  1. Funny, that is almost exactly how I've been picturing Brandi while beta-ing your MS. Only I think I imagined her with freckles. Just goes with the whole giner look I guess XD